Bespoke Tutoring

First Class Tutors offer a private tutoring service which is tailored to the specific needs of your child. We understand that education can be competitive and challenging at every level, which is why our first class tutors are trained to guide and support children from beginning to end. To that effect we employ a rigorous tutor selection process, which helps us to identify not only the brightest tutors from the best universities, but also those with the soft skills to engage and motivate your child. We take an active interest in who you, as the parent or guardian, believe will engage and relate to your child best. With this insight, we can conduct a needs analysis test which will formulate your child’s tailored educational programme.

Together, with your guidance, and where appropriate, the input from your child’s school, we are confident that First Class tutors can offer you a bespoke service which achieves results and valued satisfaction.