First Class Tutors offer a private tutoring service which is tailored to the specific needs of your child. We understand that education is full of challenges and many students need extra support outside the classroom to fully develop their knowledge and confidence. This could be in a particular subject area, or preparing for exams, learning exam technique or communication skills for an interview.  Huge demands are placed on young people from an early age within the British education system and our tutoring service allows each child to build on their skills in a positive environment, where they can question and learn in a way that suits them.  From the early years through to university, whatever temperament or academic level, our first class tutors are trained to guide and support children from beginning to end.

Our 4-Step Approach:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Match your child with a tutor
  • Tutoring session
  • Continual feedback

We believe whole-heartedly that the relationship between the tutor and tutee is vital. We have identified not only the brightest tutors from the best universities, but those with the soft skills needed to engage and motivate your child.  We take an active interest in who you, as the parent or guardian, believe will engage and relate to your child the best.  With this insight, and where appropriate your child’s school, we conduct a needs analysis test to formulate your child’s tailored educational programme. We aim to provide your child with a enthusiastic tutor, who is interesting, who has a passion for their subject, and who quickly becomes a role model.  Wherever possible, we try to find shared hobbies too!

Please contact the office on 020 3384 6338 or by email for further details.